No-churn Horlicks ice cream
No-churn Horlicks ice cream
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No-churn Horlicks ice cream

By Paul

Development chef

This fuss-free recipe gives you a smooth and creamy cooling treat using only 3 ingredients. Our no-churn ice cream contains Horlicks Instant to add a touch of malty goodness to any dessert.


  • 125g Horlicks Instant
  • 1 tin condensed milk (375ml)
  • 600ml double cream

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Whisk together the cream, condensed milk and Horlicks Instant until soft peaks form.

Place into a suitable container and freeze overnight. Your fuss-free ice cream is now ready to enjoy!

Horlicks Hint: This is an amazingly versatile recipe and works perfectly as a vegan ice cream. Simply switch the ingredients for vegan-friendly alternatives and follow the method for the same great results.


Paul, has over 20 years' experience whipping up incredible concoctions in his kitchen! From family favourites to date night treats, he's turned your suggestions into real-life recipes, sprinkling a touch of Horlicks magic in every dish.

Development chef