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The much-loved, chewable tablets have been brought back in response to unprecedented demand from Horlicks lovers across the nation. With our delicious, malty flavour and the texture of the original tablets, you can find Horlicks tablets (tins of 20) in B&M stores from December 2023. Coming soon to online!

Children aged 12 months and above can enjoy the creamy comforting taste of Horlicks, but we recommend having Horlicks malted drinks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. The vitamins and minerals provided are based on an average adult requirement; we therefore recommend diluting the product for younger children.When using hot milk/water please keep out of reach of young children until at a temperature suitable for consumption.

The full Horlicks malted drinks range does not contain any added caffeine. Any caffeine present is minimal and naturally occurring. Our latest analysed results are as follows:

Original – less than 1.25mg per 25g serving
Light Instant – less than 1.6mg per 32g serving
Light Instant Chocolate – 2.56mg per 32g serving as cocoa has naturally occurring caffeine present.

None of the products in the Horlicks range contain soya.

Horlicks Original, Horlicks Instant, Horlicks Chocolate and the full Horlicks nourishing shakes range contain milk.

The full Horlicks range contains cereals containing gluten, these cereals are wheat and barley.

Horlicks is loved not only for the delicious and unique malty taste but also for its comforting creaminess. To achieve the creaminess we use non-hydrogenated palm oil, which is a vegetable oil that is one of the most commonly used ingredients in food and drink products. We only use RSPO certified palm oil which means it is sourced responsibly from an international supplier and grown in a sustainable manner.

For more information please visit www.rspo.org.

None of the products in the Horlicks range contain nuts and is manufactured at a nut free site so we can confidently claim nut-free.

Yes, all the ingredients contained within Horlicks are suitable for a vegetarian diet.

The Horlicks Vegan recipe is certified dairy-free. Every batch produced is sent to an independent lab for allergen testing and only when these results are confirmed are the products released for sale.

Horlicks Original, Horlicks Instant, Horlicks Chocolate and all Horlicks nourishing shakes contain dairy products such as skimmed milk and whey, which is not suitable for a vegan diet.

The Horlicks range is not suitable for a gluten-free diet. The delicious and distinctive taste of Horlicks comes from the unique blend of ingredients, of which is made mostly of malted wheat and barley. Wheat and barley contains the gluten protein which coeliac / gluten-free diets should avoid.

Health authorities and Diabetes UK advise a healthy, balanced diet, which is effectively the same advice for people with and without diabetes.

For any diabetic wanting to enjoy the great taste of Horlicks the best advice would be to consult your GP/practice nurse. There is also lots of information on www.diabetes.co.uk

Although Horlicks malted drinks have been loved by the nation as a bedtime drink for many years due to it's comforting, warm taste, Horlicks will not directly aid sleep.There are no medicinal property in Horlicks that cause drowsiness.

Horlicks' unique, malty goodness can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether you need a quick boost or are having a relaxing moment.

The Horlicks Vegan recipe is certified dairy-free. Every batch produced is sent to an independent lab for allergen testing and only when these results are confirmed are the products released for sale.

Our Horlicks Vegan is delicious with all varieties of dairy-free milk, but we really love oat milk as the cereal flavours really compliment the malty taste.

Unlike dairy milk, the nutritional information for alternative milk differs greatly depending on type and brand of milk. In order avoid confusion, we have provided the information based on the powder per serving and per 100g.

Yes! We are proud to confirm that we are registered by The Vegan Society.

To make a Horlicks nourishing shake, add 40 grams of powder to a shaker with 300ml of semi-skimmed milk or a dairy-free alternative. Give it a good shake (or, mix in a blender) until fully dissolved. Drink on-the-go or serve in a glass and enjoy!

Each Horlicks nourishing shake contains between 15-20 grams of protein per serving, making it a perfect way to hit your recommended daily protein target.

The UK’s Department of Health suggests that adults should consume around 45-55 grams of protein each day to maintain a healthy diet. It is important for people of all ages to make sure they are consuming enough high protein food and drink.

Whatever your health concern, Horlicks has the right nourishing shake for you.

To help you find the right nourishing shake, we've created this Horlicks Health Check quiz.

You can also visit our Which Horlicks Nourishing Shake is For You page which is packed with information on the full range and the benefits of each shake

We would advise that you should avoid having too much protein all at once, instead, spread out your protein intake throughout the day. Our bodies can find it difficult to digest large portions of protein, which can lead to discomfort.

There are lots of health benefits you can expect by adding more protein into your diet.

To find out the benefits of getting enough protein in your diet visit our Why You Need Daily Protein page.