By Jana

22 May 2020

Nowadays, it seems we are all rushing almost constantly. We have our jobs to do, errands to run and endless to-do lists in our heads. Therefore, I find it crucial for everyone to be able to have some time to just wind down, moments for yourself when you can do whatever makes you happy or relaxed. 

For me, baking is one of these moments. When I bake, time stops and I’m fully focused on the present moment of creating something delicious (or at least hoping it will be!).

In my case, I experience this ‘in the moment’ feeling twice; firstly when I’m baking and secondly when I’m photographing my creations. And of course, taking time to consume my bakes is another pleasure not to be forgotten! 

I find baking is all about finding new inspiration and recipes to try. As I’ve been baking for over 10 years now, I’m able to create my own recipes. Sometimes however, I find inspiration in food magazines, on social media or even by browsing old-school cookbooks. I love trying new things and rarely go back and repeat old recipes. Not because they weren’t good enough but simply because I love to challenge myself every time with something new. Whenever I manage to bake something new and everyone loves it, I give myself an imaginary pat on my back.

I first discovered Horlicks through Instagram. It caught my attention because not being born in the UK, I’m unfamiliar with many products available in the UK market. However, when I asked my friends about Horlicks, many of them remembered it as their favourite childhood drink.

The malty goodness..this sounded like a magical spell to me but I didn’t know exactly what to imagine. My curiosity won and I decided to give Horlicks a try

When I found out that Horlicks had done a recipe book, I just had to read it – and I found it was full of great ideas. Breakfasts, desserts, snacks and even savoury dishes! Once again, however, my creative mind won and I decided to develop my own Horlicks creation. That’s how my salted caramel cocoa cake was born. I loved the idea of caramel sauce made with Horlicks (featured in the recipe book) and decided to use it in my cake. I also mixed Horlicks powder into the cocoa cake base.

It’s difficult to describe the taste of Horlicks if you've never tried it, but now I know what ‘malty’ means! Somehow, this taste just makes me relaxed, and one of my favourite evening rituals is to enjoy the cosiness of a cup of Horlicks in front of the TV or while reading a book. And as Horlicks can be drunk cold, I can’t wait to create some summery drinks with it as the weather gets warmer! 

So if you are still looking for a relaxing activity for yourself – try baking. It might just be the perfect remedy for you. Don’t choose complex recipes at first - start with muffins, cookies or brownies. If you are looking for some simple ideas, have a look at the Horlicks cookbook available for free – you can even add Horlicks to your breakfast pancakes or overnight oats. It’s so easy to bake with your new secret ingredient!


Jana is a healthy recipe creator who prides herself on eating well and staying fit. You can find more baking inspiration from her Instagram.